MEIN_RAUM was developed by Nathalie Fari in collaboration with Michaela Muchina in the context of her Master of Arts in „Space Strategies“ graduation program at the Kunsthochschule Berlin Weißensee. 

In MEIN_RAUM the body serves as medium to reflect two different spaces: the biographic (i.e. a world of anxieties and personal unfolding generated by the continuous movement between Brazil and Germany) and the global, i.e. a world in transition in which the values of rootlessness, transience and the permanent reinvention of the self became common. 

From this relation, this „body in crisis“ allows the existence of another place - a sort of habitation where the identity and the place converge. The dramaturgy of this place is constructed by an essential language that deals with the concepts of Displacement, Adaptation, Dislocation and Exclusion. Therefore a round object was made so it could be installed and manipulated in different forms. In each performance this object assumes an unique character being a stage for a process that describes in a non-linear, visual and associative way, the paths and detours of a person who has left their place of origin and who is trying to adapt to a new reality - as to what extent a place is "my place" and "my place" is my own life?

The development of MEIN_RAUM took place on many stages and at various locations. The premiere of the performance happened in 2009 at the Brazilian Embassy in Berlin in the context of Nathalie Fari’s master final thesis titled as "MEIN RAUM - Eine Untersuchung über den Verlust von Boden" (EN: MY SPACE - an investigation into the loss of certainty). The performance was shown again the same year at the Brazilian Embassy at the exposition DESLOCAMENTOS (curated by Eduardo Raccah) and the gallery Maud Piquion. In 2010 the artists were invited to create a new edition of the project for the biggest Brazilian Performance Art Festival VERBO at the Galeria Vermelho in São Paulo.


Round paper object 1,80 x 1,80 m (based on the idea of a cartography), textile. 

2009/ May - 2010/ July

Idea, Concept, Performance: Nathalie Fari // Object and Costume: Michaela Muchina 

Press Notes: 

"Snail-like (and also at a snail’s pace), a body twists itself into a roof over its head – silver-grey foil that can be made almost cylindrical, turns into a type of snail shell. The human animal forces and squeezes its way inside and out of the shell; and who knows where and what “home” is? We can at least imagine that Fari’s snail shell is indicative of the cardboard box that is often “home” to many in favelas on the outskirts of São Paulo."

Michael Laages,, 10.08.2010

"Without using language or any technological means such as audio and video, Nathalie Fari develops a concentrated action in and around a round object. This paper object, made by the stage designer Michaela Muchina, has several levels, layers and flaps. Each flap that the artist opens slowly and positions in the space is a symbol for a new world and new paths that she treads and explores. The onlooker takes on the mood of a “wanderer”. He or she is invited to take up his or her own position in the space, and to create his or her own images and thoughts."

Jörg Schoch, Jes-Blog Kultur und Veranstaltungsmarketing, 05.05.2010