u m z i e h e n

"Each body keeps its place occupied." (Marc Augé) 

Starting from the assumption that humans everywhere need to find a place – anywhere – they can call home, the artists Nathalie Fari and Michaela Muchina will be creating various locations in the site related performance u m z i e h e n. Fari will be exploring and outlining everyday situations in a foldable object in these often utopian locations. Her restricted movement will emphasize the ever-changing possibilities and limits of these locations. As soon as there is a change in the space trough the object, this has a permanent effect on her body. This means that she is trying to find a “home” en route, as it never actually arrives. This tension between the outside and inside of the body, as well as the tension between the here and there, the distance and proximity will become visible in u m z i e h e n. This tension is how the space conditions the body, but also the body the space.

During the whole year of 2011 the artists developed u m z i e h e n  presenting the performance at various locations and festivals in Berlin, including the legendary ACUD, the performance program Performer Stammtisch, the Kunsthalle am Hamburger Platz from the Kunsthochschule Berlin Weißensee, the gallery RÖCKELMANN &, the MICA MOCA Projects and the Motion 6 Festival. In 2012 they were invited to develop a special edition for the „Festival Internacional de Teatro de São José do Rio Preto (FIT) in the frame of a program dedicated to performance art. 


Paper, textile, tape. 

2011/ Jan - 2012/ July

Idea, Concept: Nathalie Fari / Michaela Muchina // Performance: Nathalie Fari // Object and Costumes: Michaela Muchina // Video: Cris Wiegandt

Press Notes: 

"Even when the performance is taken place outdoors and is a hybrid scene between theater and choreography - common even in the traffic sign - many people don't understand the act. In the show umziehen, the Brazilian artist Nathalie Fari, based in Berlin, moved into a armed box, an act inspired by a problem of migrant's identity. Many people around have watched without saying a word, but some ran down the bicycle path from the Park Dam and talked loudly about how weird the performance was. A police man worried about the blonde girl tucked under a bench. "Is she doing well? Is she homeless?“

Helena Carnieri, Gazeta do Povo, 09/07/2012